Our Services Include

Design & Consult
Renovate gardens

APS Builders LTD have a panel of trusted architects which we can recommend to our clients, we have a long term working relationships with our architects which is why they can be trusted. 

We provide professional advice and consulting services to find efficient ways to help you achieve your dreams, this includes helping you obtains necessary licences and approvals.

  • Loft extensions

  • New builds 

  • Garages

  • Extensions

  • Double storey extensions

  •  Gazebos

  • Shelters

  • Brick laying

  • Laying piping and ducting

  • Soundproofing and insulation work

  • Carrying out finishing work on buildings

  • Demolition and excavation work

  • Erecting and dismantling scaffolding

  • Remove or mend broken tiles or slates

  • Check that roof timbers are sound

  • Measure and cut materials to the right size and shape

  • Lay strips of felt onto timbers, then fit rows of tiles or slates

  • Fit lead around chimney stacks and adjoining walls

  • Seal roof joints with mortar to make them watertight

  • Carry out work such as joining and pluming

  • General Maintenance 

  • Fixing fountains

  • Plant new decorative bushes, flowers & shrubs

  • Turf laying 

  • Build flower beds and implement them 

  • We bring your dream garden to live.

  • We can carry out general maintenance works to completely building a new bathroom/kitchen. 

  • Stamp/printed concrete driveways 

  • Driveway renovations 

  • Home improvements

  • Room conversions

  • non-habitable to habitable room conversions

  • Flooring

  • Fitted wardrobes 

  • Heated flooring

  • and much much more...